A TALENTED pair of schoolgirls have been performing Highland dance routines to keep their neighbours entertained during lockdown.

Holly McGuire and Sofia Mackay, from Renfrew, delighted fellow residents in Blythswood Avenue by doing the Highland Fling while accompanied by live music from a local piper.

The eight-year-old neighbours performed their dance during the street’s ‘Clap for Carers’ applause for key workers last week to honour NHS heroes.

Holly told The Gazette: “I wanted to do some Highland dancing to show my appreciation for all the doctors and nurses and all the people who work in the shops and look after old people.

“I want to make my neighbours smile and be happy too because it’s kind of boring with the lockdown.”

Sofia added: “We did Highland dancing to make all the neighbours happy. The NHS are the best, we are very grateful for them.

“I also wanted to dance with my best friend Holly. I’m very lucky she lives next door and we can still see each other over the fence.”

Kirklandneuk Primary pupil Sofia has been friends with Holly, who attends Glasgow Gaelic School, since they were toddlers and both girls have been getting creative as they spread some joy during lockdown.

They have designed rainbow drawings for NHS frontline workers which have been put up on the noticeboard of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, in Glasgow, and delivered Easter baskets to the doorsteps of their neighbours.

Their dance routines have also boosted community spirit in their street, with more of the older residents coming out onto their doorsteps to watch the girls in action.

Sofia’s proud mum Gill said: “Their dances went really well and it was a really nice atmosphere.

“We delivered notes to the neighbours to let them know what was happening and encourage some of the elderly people down the road to come out and take part in the clapping.

“A friend of mine who lives nearby is a piper and he came along and played for the girls, which was a surprise for the neighbours.

“It does take guts to go out and perform in front of people but both of the girls loved it. I think they would do it every week if they could, as they love cheering people up.”

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