MEMBERS of a theatre group have been taking centre stage on social media after their latest show had to be scrapped because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Performers with Johnstone Phoenix Theatre Group had been looking forward to entertaining audiences with their adaption of hit 1990 movie Ghost, only for the production to be cancelled.

However, the cast decided to honour the old adage that ‘the show must go on’ by putting together a video of them singing from the comfort of their own homes and posting it on Facebook.

Within days of being posted, the video had attracted thousands of views.
Kirsten MacDonald, who helped co-ordinate the special ‘lockdown performance,’ told The Gazette: “We were all upset when we were told we couldn’t do the show.

“We met up on Zoom and talked about how, instead of being at our after-show party, we were all stuck at home.

“My girlfriend and I then asked everybody to send us videos of them singing to the camera, so we could edit them together and commemorate the fact we were all supposed to be performing together right now.”

A total of 20 cast members from Ghost the Musical recorded themselves at home singing Raise You Up, which featured in another hit musical, Kinky Boots, and was performed by the group last year for their Alice in Pantoland show.

Kirsten added: “Everybody loved taking part in it and couldn’t believe the response the video got when we released it online.

“The cast members didn’t know what to expect, so when they saw the finished product, they were delighted.

“The video is meant to demonstrate that, even though our show has been cancelled and we’re not meeting up physically, that doesn’t change the fact that we are still members of Johnstone Phoenix, no matter what happens.”

Ghost the Musical had been due to be staged at Johnstone Town Hall from April 29 to May 2.

Once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, members of Johnstone Phoenix plan to get together for a party and start rehearsals for this year’s Christmas pantomime.

There are also plans to stage Ghost the Musical next spring.

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