AN Erskine mum came up with a creative way to make sure the lockdown didn’t spoil her son’s ninth organising a procession of cars to drive past their home.

Emma Clark had planned to treat Thom and his friends to a bash at a climbing centre, followed by a sleepover, but that had to be scrapped as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

As an alternative, 38-year-old Emma decided to safely bring together as many friends and family as possible to celebrate Thom’s big day.

More than 20 cars, decorated with balloons and banners, drove past their home in Mains Drive on the morning of his birthday, honking their horns and playing some of his favourite songs from their speakers.

Emma told The Gazette: “Thom had been absolutely heartbroken that he wasn’t going to be able to spend his birthday with his oldest sister and her new baby but I felt we could still make it special.

“I got the idea for a drive-by birthday from a YouTube video and, when I asked family and friends if they were interested in taking part, they were all up for it.”

The Gazette: Birthday boy Thom with his mum EmmaBirthday boy Thom with his mum Emma

Emma set up a chair for Thom in the front garden while her friend Fiona organised all the cars, which were waiting in a street around the corner.

Thom was first greeted by a round of applause from neighbours, who had received letters from Emma earlier in the week asking them to go to their doorstep and take part in the festivities.

He then spotted Erskine Community Council’s Eddie the Bear mascot leading a procession of cars containing his friends, family and others who wanted to help celebrate his birthday.

Emma said: “Thom couldn’t believe what he was seeing and he still can’t believe that everyone was out there for him.

“There were people with banners who drove past that we didn’t even know. They had heard about it and thought it was such a nice thing to do.

“I was so overwhelmed that I was in tears the whole time. It was so lovely and I keep getting texts from people saying how good it was.”

Once the procession had ended, around 20 close family and friends parked their cars, safely congregated around a banner Emma had set up across the street and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Thom.

Emma added: “Thom said it is the best birthday he has ever had.”

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