SAFETY fears have been raised after syringes were found lying in a street in Johnstone town centre.

A horrified resident raised the alarm when she found several needles and what appeared to be a bloodied towel lying on the ground at Ludovic Square.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told The Gazette: “I had been out for some shopping and I noticed the needles at first, then the rest of the drug paraphernalia that went with it.

“It was strewn all over the place. I was shocked.

The Gazette:

“It’s really worrying. What if children had came along and picked them up? I’ve got grandchildren and I would hate for anything like that to happen to them.

"The stuff has maybe been dumped in a bin and then a seagull, looking for food, has brought it out.

“I think people get the needles from a chemist and are doing what they’re doing and then putting them in the bin.”

Tom Wallace, chair of Johnstone Community Council, described the discovery, which took place on Thursday, as "very concerning."

He said: “It's lucky that, with the lockdown, there weren't so many children around to find the needles but we are heading towards the summer when, under normal circumstances, young kids will be out and about and will pick things up.

The Gazette:

“The fact these needles were found there is concerning. The only thing that I think can be done about it is to make sure the situation is being monitored.”

Renfrewshire Council confirmed the syringes were removed after the alarm had been raised.

A spokesperson told The Gazette: “We would ask residents to report instances such as this to our Wardens Service immediately via 0300 300 0380 and not to touch the items.

“These items have been cleared and the surrounding area inspected to ensure it is safe.”

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