A PRIEST has told of his sadness after he was robbed by thieves while delivering a service.

Monsignor Denis Carlin, parish priest at Christ the King Church, in Howwood, was leading the online rosary service when two crooks sneaked into his house and stole hundreds of pounds.

He has now pleaded with them to return the cash.

Monsignor Carlin, 69, told The Gazette: “I’m very sad that my house was broken into but I’m relieved that no physical damage was done.

“I understand that times are very hard for some people just now but stealing from homes is not the answer.

“I’m trying very hard to forgive them.

“I’d like to ask those involved to please return what they stole.”

Monsignor Carlin, who has served at Christ the King Church for three-and-a-half years, told how he was offering support to his parishioners when the thieves struck.

He said: “We livestream our services online twice a day and it was during the 4pm rosary service that the incident took place.”

The Gazette: The theft took place at Monsignor Carlin’s home next to Christ the King Church, in HowwoodThe theft took place at Monsignor Carlin’s home next to Christ the King Church, in Howwood

Councillor Andy Doig, who represents Johnstone North, Kilbarchan, Howwood and Lochwinnoch, described the theft as “shocking.”

He said: “The whole community will be shocked that people can stoop so low as to steal money when a clergyman is administering pastorally to the people he serves.”

The suspects were spotted by a neighbour entering Monsignor Carlin’s house, next to the Bowfield Road church, at 4.30pm on Monday.

It’s understood around £200, including cash donated by parishioners, was stolen from two different areas in the house.

Police have confirmed that two men - aged 38 and 50 - have been arrested in connection with an incident in Howwood and were due to appear in court today.

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