A RENFREW mum has used her singing skills to entertain care home residents during the coronavirus crisis.

Tracey Hendrie visited four care homes to deliver gifts after issuing a Facebook plea for donations that could bring some much-needed cheer to older people who have been unable to see family and friends.

And there was a special treat for those living at Renfrew Care Home, in Cockels Loan, as karaoke fan Tracey grabbed a microphone to serenade them from the garden.

Relatives could also join in the fun as the event was hosted on a Facebook livestream, with some family members gathering at a nearby hill to hold up banners for their parents to see.

Tracey, 48, said she was shocked to find out that more than 4,000 people had watched her performance online.

“Everyone was sharing the video,” she told The Gazette. “I was outside in the care home’s garden and the staff and residents were up on the balcony. They loved it.

“I think it’s important to get the residents out of their rooms and keep them happy.

“The video got a great reaction from everybody, with people thanking me and saying it was a nice thing to do. I even had a couple send me a bottle of Prosecco for doing it.”

Tracey made four trips to care homes across Renfrew after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to her appeal for donations over social media.

She said: “I posted on Facebook that we were looking for donations for the care home and they came in from all over Renfrew.

“People I know and strangers from all over the area were leaving their donations outside my house and we got so many that we were able to hand them into three other care homes in Renfrew too.”

Mum-of-two Tracey was joined by her husband John and daughter Elizabeth as she delivered 20 boxes full of supplies to Renfrew Care Home, Craigielea Care Centre, Blythswood House and Orchard Court.

The gifts included toiletries, hand sanitiser, face masks, sweets and even whisky.

Tracey said: “It’s rewarding to do something like this, as the residents really appreciate it.”

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