A LINWOOD woman is calling for action to tackle fly-tipping that has led to several fires.

Jill Nel, 51, said the welfare of local residents and wildlife is being put at risk as rubbish is set alight in fields north of Blackstoun Road, between Paisley and Linwood.

Old mattresses, tyres and oil drums are just some of the items that have been dumped next to the road, with burnt-out debris left scattered around the area.

Jill told The Gazette: “It has affected me directly because I keep my pony in the field next to where people have been starting these fires.

“They’re being started at the side of the road, which is very dangerous to passing traffic and the residents who live nearby.

“The fires have been getting closer and closer to where the ponies are and I’m getting more and more concerned.

“As it’s quite a quiet area, it seems like no-one is doing anything about the fly-tipping or those who are starting the fires.”

The Gazette: Fields near Linwood have become a dumping groundFields near Linwood have become a dumping ground

The plea for action follows an incident last month in the Inkerman area where yobs set a pile of dumped tyres alight, with the resultant smoke visible from miles around.

A number of local people have taken to social media to complain that fumes from the fires are polluting local communities.

Jill is also worried about the health risk to animals who have been sifting through waste that has been dumped in the fields.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, convener of Renfrewshire Council’s infrastructure, land and environment policy board, is encouraging anyone who witnesses fly-tipping to report the culprits to the authorities.

She told The Gazette: “Fly-tipping is illegal, costly to remove and damages our local environment.

“If you see it happening, report it.

“We need people to take responsibility for their waste and challenge the perception that dumping it is an acceptable thing to do.”

Councillor McEwan added: “We have installed lockable gates at this location to prevent further instances of fly-tipping. The waste will be cleared but it is wasting valuable resources at a time when it is more important than ever that we can deliver our essential services.

“Let’s work together to eradicate fly-tipping from Renfrewshire.”

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