FURTHER repairs are being carried out on a popular community walkway in Renfrewshire in a bid to prevent erosion.

The work on the waterfront walkway in Erskine started on Monday and is due to be completed on Friday, July 17.

The emergency riverbank repairs, which are being carried out by port operator Peel Ports, follow on from recent renovation work in the area by Renfrewshire Council.

Councillors Michelle Campbell and Iain Nicolson, who both represent Inchinnan and Erskine, have welcomed the development of the walkway, which has been an issue for local residents for a number of years.

“Due to the complexity of the ownership of the land in this area, it has taken a significant period of time to identify responsibility and reach agreement on repairs,” Councillor Campbell told The Gazette.

“This is an extremely popular area for people who come from far and wide to visit and enjoy.

“Both myself and Councillor Nicolson are committed to ensuring that we continue to work to identify any work required to secure the long-term future of the walkway for local residents.”

Councillor Nicolson, leader of Renfrewshire Council, added: “As is the case with a lot of land in Erskine, it’s a complex picture of multiple ownership and the riverfront walkway is no exception.

“We are grateful that the public have been patient while we have been working over a period to identify action required.

“There are other areas which also require work, such as up at the golf course and further towards Bishopton.

“We know local residents really appreciate the amenity and we are grateful to owners like Peel Ports who are taking their responsibilities seriously.”

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