PATIENTS are again being admitted to a hospice in Howwood now that coronavirus restrictions are being eased.

The inpatient unit at St Vincent’s Hospice (SVH) reopened on Monday after a three-month closure during which patients were admitted to the ACCORD Hospice in Paisley.

The two hospices agreed to work together when the pandemic struck in March to ensure good palliative care was maintained across Renfrewshire.

As part of that plan, inpatient beds were consolidated on the Paisley site, supported by medical nursing, housekeeping and catering staff from both hospices working together, while St Vincent’s community services continued to be based in Howwood.

A spokesperson for SVH told The Gazette: “Now that Scotland is moving into Phase 2 of easing coronavirus restrictions, and the NHS is beginning to implement its recovery plans, we believe that the time is right to begin a phased re-opening of the inpatient unit at SVH.

“As with all healthcare facilities at the moment, we will be operating a restricted visitor policy to the inpatient unit. Patients and their families will be given full details of this prior to their admission.”

SVH community services will continue to be provided by a mixture of remote consultations and, where appropriate, on a face-to-face basis.

The spokesperson added: “We have continued to accept referrals throughout the last three months, and so would simply ask our local healthcare professionals to continue referring to us in the normal manner.

“Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues at ACCORD Hospice who made our staff feel very welcome. We would also like to extend our thanks to all our patients, their families and our local health and social care colleagues, for their patience and understanding.”

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