A WOMAN from Johnstone has told how a “life-changing” decision to join a slimming group has turned her world around.

Yvie Bacon who has been fighting depression and health issues – made worse by being overweight – says the support and friendship she found through Slimming World (SW) has given her new confidence and energy.

Yvie turned to the Elderslie group in February last year when she found herself “in a dark place,” barely having the energy to dress and do housework.

However, after months of perseverance, she has lost an amazing seven and a half stones – half her bodyweight – and now says she has found her “forever me”.

She told The Gazette: “For several years before I started at SW, my depression had me in a very dark place after battling it everyday since my teens. I had run out of energy and almost out of hope. 

“I had given up my job because of it, and basically sat on the sofa all day watching TV and surfing the internet I was overeating and gaining weight – often not even getting dressed - and if I did more than 1,000 steps a day, that was an achievement. So keeping on top of the housework was a real challenge, and I only really did the essentials.

“Now with my weight loss I am so, so grateful that I have more energy to keep the house in better order.”

Yvie put her success down to SW’s food optimising plan which encourages health eating but allows treats like ice cream and chocolate.

Occasionally she feels in danger of putting weight back on and is glad SW continues to support members even when they reach their target weight.

She added: “Hopefully soon there will be a whole new me, both physically and mentally – one who is able to finally, and truly, be all I was made to be.”

Slimming World consultant Grace Neill said: “Yvie has been a great inspiration to everyone at the group and we are all delighted at her success. To have lost half her bodyweight since she was at her heaviest is an amazing achievement.”

Grace’s three Slimming World groups, in Elderslie, Johnstone and Lochwinnoch, have been holding virtual meetings on Zoom since lockdown began for members who want to chat and share experiences. For more information, call 07928 531481.

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