A TEENAGER who struggled violently with police while armed with a knuckleduster has been ordered to spend seven months behind bars.

William Douglas, of Lochwinnoch, was caught with the weapon near Glasgow Central train station last October.

He pleaded guilty in May at Glasgow Sheriff Court and was granted bail but then assaulted a 14-year-old boy in Paisley the following month.

Douglas, 19, was given a five-month sentence at Paisley Sheriff Court last month for that attack and, once it has been completed, he will start his latest stint behind bars for the Glasgow offence.

An earlier hearing heard how Douglas approached PC Chloe Smith and PC Richard Divine while they were dealing with an unrelated matter.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “He struggled violently with the police, who tried to detain him for a search.

“During the process, he produced a knuckleduster out his jacket pocket, which he discarded.”

The silver weapon was recovered by the officers.

When quizzed, Douglas replied: “It was not mine. I was holding it for a pal.”

However, in court, he admitted restricting, obstructing or hindering police and the unlawful possession of a knuckleduster.

Gordon Nicol, defending, told the court Douglas committed the Paisley assault in June after he thought a group of boys had “laughed at him.”

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