CREATIVE Eveline Reid has come up with a colourful way to honour NHS workers during the coronavirus decorating the railings of her neighbourhood with pom-poms.

The 62-year-old resident at the Key Housing development in Main Street, Elderslie, has placed more than 30 of her creations on the fences there.

Originally from Renfrew, Eveline has a learning disability affecting her ability to read and write and has been a resident at Key Housing for around 20 years.

Her sister Carolann was amazed by the number of pom-poms on display when she visited Eveline for the first time since the start of lockdown.

“I thought that it was just brilliant,” Carolann told The Gazette. “After the lockdown rules were relaxed, I arranged for her to get a haircut and, when I went to pick her up, I noticed all the pom-poms.

“One of the care workers explained it was Eveline who had made them all, which I thought was fantastic.

“This would have been a mammoth task for her, as her understanding of things is about the same as a six or seven-year-old, but it is something she loves doing.”

Eveline, who attended the Mary Russell School as a youngster, made the pom-poms out of wool and cardboard which had been lying about her home.
Her other hobbies include knitting and jigsaw puzzles.

Eveline is also very close to her five other siblings and has missed the visits from loved ones while the lockdown restrictions have been in place.

Carolann added: “Eveline has found it quite difficult during lockdown, as I normally take her on holiday every year and that had to be cancelled, so she was a bit upset about that.

“We have to keep explaining to her what is going on and she was on the phone constantly, making sure everyone was okay.

“I’m very proud of her and she has cheered everyone up with her pom-poms.”

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