CONTINGENCY plans are being drawn up in case part of Renfrewshire has to go into a local lockdown, the council’s top official has confirmed.

Chief executive Sandra Black was questioned during a recent board meeting about whether the local authority was prepared if a second lockdown had to be imposed to protect residents against coronavirus.

Ms Black told councillors that two teams of officers were in the process of compiling a plan of what would happen if there was a spike in Covid-19 infections in any part of the region.

In response to a query from by Councillor Eddie Devine, who represents Paisley Southeast, Ms Black said: “We have learnt a lot over the past few months and I suppose we are now more familiar with what a lockdown actually looks like.

“You’ll have seen in England they have different measures they’re applying, depending on the rate of infection.

“As a management team, we did do a full lessons-learnt workshop a few weeks ago to make sure that is all recorded for future generations of the council and, indeed, if there is any local or further national lockdown.

“At the moment, the risk management team and the civil contingencies team are preparing contingency plans for local lockdown measures. It’s in hand as much as it can be at this stage.”

Over the last few weeks, a handful of areas across the UK have had to either go back into lockdown or wait longer to see restrictions lifted.

Earlier this month, people in some parts of Dumfries and Galloway were asked to temporarily continue following a five-mile limit on travel, while the rest of Scotland was able to enjoy venturing further for leisure.

And at the end of June, Leicester became subject to the UK’s first local lockdown following a spike in the number of Covid cases there.

Renfrewshire Council insists it is working closely with key partners to prepare for “every possible scenario” related to coronavirus.

A spokesman said: “We will follow the national government and public health guidance and will provide our residents with clear information when required.

“Residents should check information from the Scottish Government and NHS Inform websites and keep in touch with local updates through our Renfrewshire Council website and follow our social media channels as we will provide the latest, up-to-date guidance for them there.”

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