A DRAWING by a Lochwinnoch artist is now on display in the Westminster office of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The artwork of a raised fist was created by Kieran McKenzie, 20, after he was inspired by the Black Live Matter protests which have taken place across the world this summer.

Keiran’s drawing sold for £600 in an online auction to an anonymous donor, also from Lochwinnoch, and the money raised went towards various causes to support the fight against racism.

After buying the artwork, the donor contacted Labour man Paul O’Kane to ask for his help to make sure it was displayed in an appropriate setting.

Mr O’Kane, who is Scottish Labour’s candidate for Renfrewshire South at the next Holyrood elections, then got in touch with Sir Kier.

“I was delighted to be able to help the anonymous donor pass Kieran’s artwork to Keir, who was pleased to receive it,” said Mr O’Kane.

Kieran told The Gazette: “It is an honour to have my artwork hung in Keir Starmer’s office. I’d like to thank him for placing it there.

“I hope that, in this position, it will act as a reminder that there is an ongoing struggle for those affected by racism and that it inspires those who see it to help the movement however they can.”

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