VAN and pick-up truck drivers who have been able to use Linwood’s recycling centre without a permit will now have to apply for one again following an apparent U-turn by council chiefs.

Commercial-style vehicles have been able to enter the tip in Middleton Road without a permit since July 13.

But, last week, Renfrewshire Council has said people driving vans, pick-up trucks and minibuses must now secure one in advance of visiting the centre.

It is understood the reintroduction of permits has come about due to the number of commercial businesses attempting to use the facilities free of charge.

Linwood is the only recycling centre that commercial vehicles are currently allowed to use, with the four other tips in Renfrewshire only allowing cars without trailers in.

Councillor Eddie Devine said the local authority should never have got rid of permits in the first place.

The Labour man added: “We need to be consistent and tell people a consistent story and that’s why I think the council should not have done away with the system.

“It’s not unknown for stuff to be dumped that should not be dumped and, if we are going to do a permit system, it should apply at all times.”

Council officers had previously suggested commercial-style vehicles wouldn’t need permits until at least the end of August, when a review of arrangements across all tips is due to be carried out.

Drivers getting rid of waste from these vehicles may be asked to complete a declaration stating the rubbish being tipped has not been generated by commercial activity.

They will also need to produce photographic ID and proof of residency and may be asked to leave if these are not produced.

Permits are only allowed to be used a maximum of three times a day and anyone attempting to dump commercial waste at the site will be turned away.

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