MARKS and Spencer has apologised after a dad was trapped in a lift in Braehead shopping centre for more than an hour with his young baby in "total darkness."

Marks & Spencer said two customers became stuck in the department store's lift last night after a power outage hit parts of the G51 area.

The firm said engineers were called immediately and when they arrived were able to prise open the doors to allow a bit of light in and for water to be passed to the trapped customers.

Michael McGurk, tweeted: "Rescued after hour and a half stuck in a lift in Glasgow in total darkness after a massive power cut - with a baby.

"The year 2020 pulling out all the stops to be worse than it already is."

However, despite the experience, he praised the store for their actions saying: "The folk who got us out were great."

The firm said the affected customers were offered assistance when they were released from the lift but it was not required.

A spokeswoman for M&S said: “Colleagues acted quickly to ensure the customers were released safely and as soon as possible.

"We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused.”  

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