A RENFREWSHIRE community has come together to clean up a local area blighted by vandalism and neglect.

Last Friday scores of local residents in Corseford, in Johnstone, gathered for four hours to plant flowers, bulbs and shrubs next to the Beith underpass and the local Fordbank Primary School.

The area round the underpass had become a magnet for vandals in recent years with groups of teenagers also drinking and smashing empty glass booze bottles.

In a bid to clean up up the spot the local Corseford Tenants and Residents Association (CARA) got together with Renfrewshire Autism Project a local group for autistic adults and green campaigners Action Earth.

Residents say the Beith underpass which connects Spateston and Corseford at Beith Road has long been an eyesore for those walking between the two areas.

Vandals have also littered the underpass walls with graffiti.

George MacDonald, secretary of CARA said:”We’re working together to bring colour and wildlife back to the area and continue the ongoing project to regenerate the area which has been a haven for vandalism over the years. This project includes planting of flowers, bulbs and shrubs and has been funded by private donations from a local resident Rhoda Willis, Corseford CARA and a £500 grant award from Action Earth.

“This has also been made possible by the combined efforts of a group of local autistic youngsters who asked to get involved in this project to safely meet outdoors during COVID restrictions.

“Over the last four weeks a lot of groundwork has been laid to prepare the land for planting this Friday. 

“The residents of Corseford are delighted the area is finally being given the spruce up it desperately needs.”

Last year CARA persuaded local artist Lauren Anderson to decorate the underpass with a colourful mural.

George added:”We would like to thank everyone to lend a hand to improve their local environment.”

The underpass improvement is part of the Volunteering Matters’ Action Earth campaign which aims to help local communities respond to climate change.

Action Earth say they are supporting around 170 similar projects in Scotland in 2020 with grant awards of up to £500.

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