Scientists trying to combat coronavirus are urging people to take part in vital research following a spike in cases which sparked a local lockdown. 

The IQVIA Covid-19 Active Research Experience (CARE) survey is examining all of the factors involved in the area’s outbreak, including social circumstances.

Medical experts will be able to make free use of the anonymous information collected from local residents – speeding up research on treatments.

Anyone aged 18 or over can tell their story of how Covid-19 has impacted them and those around them, whether or not they have had or have been tested for the disease.

Researchers hope the experiences of those in towns and villages in the local area where tighter restrictions were introduced earlier this month will provide valuable insight into all of the factors linked to localised outbreaks and influence prevention strategies.

A spokesman for leading research firm IQVIA said: “It is vital the area is fully represented in the research during this really challenging time for it as a community, to reflect the new reality that different localities experience different patterns of Covid-19.”

Anyone who would like to take part should visit