EVERY school in Renfrew will receive a share of £21,000 of council cash to improve playgrounds. 

At a meeting of the town’s Local Partnership (LP), elected members agreed to hand each primary and secondary in the town a £3,500 grant to allow parent councils to purchase and install new outdoor equipment or overhaul yard areas in any way they deem beneficial.

The town has four primary schools – Arkleston, St James’, Newmains and Kirklandneuk – alongside secondaries Renfrew High and Trinity High.

In a report, council chiefs said they hoped the funding would support children to maintain good physical and mental health, as well as helping them to strengthen friendships.

Councillor Jim Paterson, who represents Renfrew South and sits on the board, said: “I am pleased the Local Partnership awarded this funding and thank the convener, Councillor John Shaw, for including it on the agenda.

“I am sure the parent councils have some innovative ideas for improving the outdoor space at their schools and look forward to seeing what they have in mind.”

At the same meeting, the LP also granted £13,325 to Renfrew YMCA.

The group is developing a multi-sensory centre and community kitchen at its building in Canal Lane, which it had already secured council funding for.

But, during the course of the renovation, the group discovered the beams in the roof of the building were falling apart after the ceiling was taken down.

That led to a plea for extra cash to fix them.

In its request for funding, the group said: “The completed work will allow the YMCA to be open to all community members.”

The multi-sensory centre will be the only facility of its type in Renfrewshire and will help children with additional support needs to become more involved with the YMCA.