intu Braehead has introduced full-body security scanners at its shopping centre entrance doors. 

The enhanced security measures at the centre have been introduced following the UK terror threat being raised earlier this week after incidents in France and Austria. 

Bosses are reassuring shoppers that the scanners shouldn't cause hold-ups or queues as they introduce the new safety procedure. 

The shopping giant also added that it is standard procedure for the centre to test new safety measures throughout the year.

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Peter Beagley, centre director for intu Braehead said: “The safety of our visitors is always a top priority for us.

“Following the UK terror threat level being raised earlier this week after incidents in France and Austria, we have introduced two walk-through security scanners at one of the entrances to the centre.

“We don’t expect these to lead to long queues, or hold-ups coming into the centre.

“We’d also like to assure people that there is no direct threat or information of a threat to intu Braehead. We are simply making sure we have the best safety precautions we can for our visitors.”

The smart technology used in the scanners can differentiate between anything dangerous and normal everyday items - meaning they won't be triggered by keys or wallets. 

The scanners will be sided by a security team who will conduct searches and ensure the safety of all customers.

For more information on the scanners, visit HERE.