RESIDENTS across Renfrewshire were woken up earlier than expected this morning after a loud horn-like noise emerged from the River Clyde.

The 'general emergency' marine alarm signal – seven short blasts and one long blast from a ship's horn – could be clearly heard over several neighbouring towns and villages shortly before 12.30am last night.

A coastguard rescue team was alerted a few moments later and residents from Renfrew and Erskine took to social media to ask about the source of the noise.

However, after further investigation, it turned out to be a false alarm from a ship which was safely tied up at the fuel depot at Rothesay Dock.

A spokesperson for the Greenock Coastguard Rescue Team said: "We can confirm that a vessel in the Clydebank/Erskine area had a malfunctioning distress system resulting in distress horns being activated around 00:30. 

"Our operations centre have spoken with the vessel in question and can confirm she is safely alongside and in no distress."