A POLICE officer allegedly sent messages to a schoolgirl in which he offered to handcuff her and asked to remove her pyjamas.

Ian Bagley, from Renfrew, is accused of sending the messages to the 16-year-old girl between February and October 2019.

Other apparent comments included Bagley asking the girl if she would like to be privately searched.

Bagley, 42, in on trial charged with sending sexual communication without consent and placing the girl in alarm or distress.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard from Constable David Galbraith, 29, who stated that the girl reported Bagley's actions to him.

The officer claimed to have been shown screenshots of messages from social media.

He added: "The pupil had received messages from what was to be a British Transport Police officer."

Prosecutor Chris Farrell asked if PC Galbraith was concerned about the screenshots.

He replied: "I believed them to be unprofessional in nature. There were also pictures of a certified police officer in uniform.

"I felt they were inappropriate and there were sexual undertones.

"I just remember pictures of Mr Bagley in uniform and him being on nightshift.

"I packaged up the screenshots and what was said that day and gave it to the British Transport Police."

Mr Farrell then asked what messages he was shown by the girl.

The officer said: "I remember a comment about pyjamas on or off, if you want handcuffed that can be arranged but I'm not arresting you.

"There was a comment about if she wanted a private search and about lying on a bed, as well as a lot of love hearts and emojis.

"The messages were back and forth and there was no blocking by the girl or attempts to stop requesting communication."

PC Galbraith stated the girl wanted the messages to stop and became "a lot more anxious and stressed" after their meeting.

The headteacher at the girl's school later told the court in evidence that the messages were "lightly flirty."

It is alleged the messages were sent to the girl in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

The trial, before Sheriff Stuart Reid, is due to continue in March.

Bagley remains on bail in the meantime.