NEW restrictions in Renfrewshire to tackle the coronavirus pandemic have been announced by Nicola Sturgeon.

From Saturday, click-and-collect services will end in Scotland, the First Minister has said.

Only retailers selling essentials, such as clothing, baby equipment and books, will be able to offer collection services.

For those allowed to continue, the First Minister said “staggered appointments” will be needed to end queuing, as well as not allowing people inside premises.

There will also be restrictions on takeaway services, with customers no longer being permitted to go indoors to collect takeaway food/coffee.

In Level 4 areas, regardless of your local authority law, it will be against the law to drink alcohol outdoors in Scotland.

The First Minister has confirmed the Scottish Government will be strengthening the obligation on employers to allow staff to work from home.

There will also be changes to restrictions on tradespeople in people's houses and tougher 'stay at home' guidance.

Ms Sturgeon said: "Please stick to the spirit and not just the letter of the rules. In everything you do, assume the virus is there with you."