A REHAB centre for those with addictions is set to open in Erskine as early as next month.

Abbeycare Group has bought the former Erskine Mains Care Home, in Meadows Drive.

Dean Matheson, the firm’s business development manager, said refurbishment of the building is underway.

He added: "Scotland is in the middle of not one, but two public health emergencies and the Abbeycare Group is determined to play a part in supporting the recovery community through this difficult time.

"The Abbeycare Group on January 8 completed on its planned purchase of the old Erskine Care Home with plans currently underway to completely refurbish this previously empty, run down building.

"The Abbeycare Group in its desire to support the local community during these difficult economic times have employed local businesses and tradesmen to conduct the refurbishment work.

"At all stages of the process the Abbeycare Group has attempted to be as open and transparent as we can be when reaching out to the local community.

"On December 21, we opened our doors and invited local residents to come along to have a tour of the new facility, where residents where given the opportunity to ask questions of the senior management team.

"Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the Abbeycare Group was subsequently invited to join the local community Facebook page which we have been an active member of ever since. 

"The Abbeycare Group have reached out to the other local businesses in the community including the nursery located across from us, where we enjoy a warm relationship with the owners.

"We have also offered our support to the local doctors surgery, where we will provide car parking and additional storage facilities should they be required while the surgery start rolling out Covid 19 vaccines to the community.

"The Abbeycare Group looks forward to becoming a valued member of the local community and have plans in place to be able to offer job opportunities to local residents in the future."

A spokesperson for the Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership said it has had "introductory discussions" with Abbeycare’s management team.

"We are keen to maintain close working relations over the coming months to ensure appropriate community engagement is undertaken and any potential local concerns are addressed," added the spokesperson.

"Our priority is the continued wellbeing of the people of Renfrewshire and we are here to support the best recovery journeys for those who need us most."

A spokesperson for Erskine Community Council said: "All issues regarding this matter have now been addressed, with the exception of potential traffic congestion."