A PRIEST who issued a threat to poison dogs for fouling in his church grounds has been told he will not be charged – because no crime was committed.

Father Vincent Byrne was filmed outside St Columba’s, in Renfrew, last week having a bizarre four-minute exchange with a dog walker, which was then posted on social media.

The veteran priest claimed that owners had been illegally trespassing in the chapel’s private car park with their pets.

In the video, Father Byrne can be heard saying: “At this point, I’m going to put down poison.

“I don’t know if that would kill them but it’d be a good side effect.

“We’ve had a lot of dogs soiling in our grounds.”

Before walking off, Father Byrne adds: “Poor wee dogs. It would’ve been nice if you got to live longer but...”

After the exchange, the dog owner made a complaint to police and handed over the footage.

Father Byrne was then interviewed by two officers.

However, a police spokeswoman has said no further action will be taken.

She told The Gazette: “We were made aware of a video in relation to these claims. Enquiries were carried out and it was established that no crime had taken place.

“Advice has been given to all involved.”

Father Danny McLoughlin, spokesman for the Paisley Diocese, dismissed the comments made by Father Byrne as “banter.”

He said: “Father Byrne did not have any poison and had no intention of harming dogs.

“We are not surprised that Police Scotland have taken the decision not to pursue this matter further.

“The SSPCA have also indicated there was nothing illegal in what had been done and we are pleased that this is the end of the story.”

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