A RENFREW woman has told of her “year in Hell” after being terrorised by vandals who have smashed her windows three times.

Bernadette Barrie, 61, believes her Victoria Drive East flat is being targeted after she contacted the police to report suspicious activity in the area.

She said the harassment suffered over the past year has been bad for her health.

Bernadette, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), told The Gazette: “Since I moved here last year, there has been strange happenings, such as the close door being kept open with a large boulder for four to five hours during the night.

“I started removing the boulder and, a few days later, I was verbally abused.

“My windows are being smashed because some people don’t want me here. I don’t want to be here either but I can’t just magically move house.

“I’m not keeping well and my health issues have been exacerbated by living in this environment. It’s been a year in Hell for me.”

Bernadette claims she has been “let down” by Williamsburgh Housing Association, which owns the property.

She said: “I’ve had the police out lots of times and they’ve been good. I’ve also spoken with my landlords but their only response has been ‘call the police.’

“They haven’t offered to help me find other suitable accommodation.”

Police confirmed that enquiries into three incidents of vandalism at the property are ongoing.

Williamsburgh Housing Association said it is “disappointed” to hear of Bernadette’s complaints.

A spokesperson added: “Our housing team has dedicated a vast amount of time and resources in addressing tenancy issues at Victoria Drive East. We understand that the outcome of objective complaint investigation and resolution is not always what the individual complainant would wish.

“We will continue to work with Ms Barrie to fully assist with her tenancy issues using all means at our disposal and to co-operate with the police and other agencies to help address any allegations of criminality.”