A RENFREW man who has a passion for music has released a song about falling in love during lockdown.

Andrew Cantwell’s second single was inspired by his experience of meeting a new partner just before the Covid pandemic struck.

His song ‘Lockdown Love,’ which is now available on most music streaming platforms, aims to recreate the excitement of their blossoming romance.

Andrew, 50, told The Gazette: “I had been allocated a business advisor just before lockdown and I ended up falling in love with her, which was crazy.

“During lockdown, we’ve had to adapt our lifestyle and a lot of this song is about relationships where you’ve got to make a decision about whether to stay apart from that person or live together.

“The title is a bit ironic now because we’re coming out of lockdown and the relationship has ended, so it definitely was a lockdown love.”

Andrew was brought up in the Moorpark area of Renfrew by his gran Mary, who has since passed away, and he released the single on April 27 to coincide with her birthday.

Since then, it has been played on BBC Radio Scotland, Pulse FM and local radio stations across England.

The Gazette: Andrew hopes to return to his hometown soonAndrew hopes to return to his hometown soon

Former Trinity High pupil Andrew, who now lives in Wigan, said: “The support I’ve had from people back home has just been overwhelming.

“The way I financed the CD was from donations from friends and family – and a lot of people from Renfrew donated.

“It would be great to go back to Renfrew, as a lot of my family and friends still stay there and I’ve got a strong connection to the place.”

The dad-of-two keeps in touch with many of his old friends using his Facebook group ‘Moorky People,’ which is popular with locals and ex-Moorpark residents across the world.

“I’m hoping to develop my music further when things get back to some sort of normality, such as doing gigs,” said Andrew.

“I’m a recovering alcoholic and none of this would have been possible if I was still drinking.

“It just shows you what can be done if you apply yourself. It’s never too late to transform your life.”

For more information about Andrew’s music, visit reverbnation.com/andrewjcantwell.