A CREEP who installed a listening device in his ex-girlfriend’s home so he could spy on her has been ordered to spend 30 months behind bars.

Gabriel Trepkos, 34, bugged Josephine Hastings’ flat in Johnstone after they split up because of his controlling behaviour.

He later turned up at a McDonald’s restaurant where university student Ms Hastings had arranged a date with another man, Steven Wilson, through the Tinder app.

Jealous Trepkos then battered Mr Wilson, leaving him severely injured.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard Trepkos and Ms Hastings were together for a year before they split in January 2020.

He continued to harass her and was able to eavesdrop on her through the listening device in her bedroom.

The attack on Mr Wilson took place at the McDonald’s diner at Phoenix Retail Park on January 8 this year.

Trepkos admitted engaging in a course of behaviour that was abusive to his ex-partner, repeatedly accusing her of being unfaithful, calling and sending messages to discover her whereabouts, following her, pushing her against a door, attempting to control who she could socialise and speak to, stealing her laptop and installing a listening device so he could spy on her, between January 1, 2020, and January 21 this year.

He also pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Wilson by attempting to pull him from his car and repeatedly punching him on the head.

A third charge admitted by Trepkos involved using a true key to enter Mr Wilson’s car at an address in Kilbarchan on January 12 this year.

When Trepkos, of Glasgow, appeared in the dock on Friday to learn his fate, the court was told he recognised he “needs help.”

As well as jailing Trepkos for 30 months, Sheriff Mark Thorley imposed a Non-Harassment Order that prevents him from contacting Ms Hastings or Mr Wilson or entering their streets in Johnstone and Kilbarchan for five years.

He will also be the subject of a Supervised Release Order for a year after he leaves prison, so he can be monitored by the authorities.