A TALENTED jeweller from Kilbarchan has had her work chosen for a major exhibition showcasing the achievements of craftswomen.

Organisers of the 100 Jewels by 100 Women event selected a Balanced Elements brooch by Anne Clare Graham as one of the items to be displayed.

Made from oxidised silver, 18-carat gold, diamond and onyx, the intricate piece of jewellery is now wowing visitors at Double Door Studios, in Dundee.

Mum-of-two Anne said she is “absolutely delighted” to have her work included.

She told The Gazette: “The creative industries can be underestimated at times for the contribution they make to the economy. There are so many excellent jewellery businesses, makers and educators out there.

“Jewellery should be on the map on Scotland but it doesn’t get the same sort of funding that it does in countries such as Italy and Germany, which really applaud their jewellers.”

The Gazette: Anne’s ‘Balanced Elements’ broochAnne’s ‘Balanced Elements’ brooch

Anne was shortlisted for the Creative and Cultural Skills Award in 2015, with her unique designs having been exhibited nationally and internationally, as well as sold in the likes of Japan and New York.

The concept for her creations evolves through a series of observations and drawings of architectural and organic forms and their juxtaposition. These balancing symbolic elements are then integrated in silver and gold.

Anne was invited to take part in this latest exhibition by project co-ordinator Ieva Jankovska, who was mentored by her while studying jewellery making at Glasgow Clyde College.

Ieva said: “When we were inviting artists to participate, we asked each of them to submit three options – and Anne’s brooch was just gorgeous.

“Anne has always had plenty of good advice, encouraged people to take part in different opportunities and really tried to push her students to excel in all different areas.”

The Gazette: Creating jewellery is a labour of love for AnneCreating jewellery is a labour of love for Anne

Anne makes commissioned pieces in the workshop at the back of her home, as well as teaching at Glasgow School of Art.

The 100 Jewels by 100 Women exhibition runs until Sunday, June 27.

For more information or to view the exhibited jewellery online, visit www.100jewels.uk.