A DARK and dingy underpass in Johnstone is being given a new lease of life this summer.

Work got underway last week to install a new electrical supply and energy-efficient LED lighting to ensure the tunnel in Spateston Road is well lit.

Renfrewshire Council anticipates the work will be complete by the end of this week – and members of the Spateston Community Development Trust (SCDT) plan to further brighten up the underpass with a fresh coat of paint.

The trust, formerly known as Spateston Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, hopes local residents will help give the tunnel a much-needed makeover.

Lewis Nesbitt, founder and trustee of SCDT, told The Gazette: “We are working with a few local students from Johnstone High who are creating different designs for the tunnel, which we plan to put to public consultation in the next few weeks.

“Hopefully, we’ll start painting the underpass by the end of July and will be asking families to come along and grab a brush.

“We’re hoping to have it completed before the schools go back in August.”

As well as new lighting and artwork, the underpass will benefit from new signage, funded by walking charity Paths for All.

Lewis said: “The signage will designate local landmarks such as The Spateston Inn, the newly-renovated park and Spateston’s new community development centre, which should be completed in the next couple of years.

“We’ll also be installing a bike lane to encourage more people to cycle and get to places in a more eco-friendly manner.

“I would say a big thank-you to Paths For All, which has invested just over £2,800 for us to do this.”

SCDT replaced the Spateston Tenants’ and Residents’ Association in March after registering as a Scottish charity.

Lewis added: “The development trust has been formed because the remit we have now is too large for a tenants’ and residents’ association and this will allow us to access bigger funding pots.

“None of the services we already provide are changing, we just have a different name and logo.”