A WOMAN has accused council carers of leaving her disabled husband to sleep on the floor covered in a dog blanket after he collapsed at home.

Charles Wilson, 65, suffers from the chronic muscle wasting disease called sporadic inclusion body myositis, and cannot walk unaided.

While his wife Fiona, 52, was asleep he fell in the front room of their Johnstone home shortly before 1am on Saturday and alerted carers for assistance using his alarm.

However, they were unable to get Charles back on his feet and into a chair.

Fiona claims that the two carers then covered him with their dog’s blanket and left him lying where he had fallen.

When Fiona woke up around 4am in the bedroom next door, she was horrified to find her husband on the carpet.

She called an ambulance and the paramedics took him to hospital after he showed symptoms of having had a mild heart attack. He also had cuts and bruising from his fall.

Now Fiona has lodged a complaint with Renfrewshire Council over Charles’s treatment.

She told The Gazette: “I had taken a sleeping tablet and didn’t hear my husband fall.

“He had pressed his buzzer for the responders to come out. 

“The two women couldn’t get Charles off the floor up and instead gave him a cushion for his head and covered him with our dog’s blanket.

“They wouldn’t even put him on the settee.

“Three hours later I woke up and found my husband on the carpet. He had lost all feeling in his legs because if the length of time he had been lying there.”

Fiona, who has a grown-up daughter, used to be a food and beverage manager but is now a full-time carer for her husband of 28 years.

She added: “I phoned the care firm and got no response. So I phoned 999 and got the paramedics out.

“They had to get another team to assist them after they found indications on the ECG that Charles had taken a mild heart attack.

“They were not sure if it had happened that night while he was on the floor or earlier.

“I was angry with the carers as they didn’t even think to wake me up. He could have been lying there dead for all they knew.”

Fiona said Charles does not have the use of his legs and needs to use crutches and a zimmer to get about. 

The former chef has had the condition for 15 years and only leaves the house for medical appointments.

He pays £150 a year for the call-out service and was released from the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley later on Saturday after being given the all clear.

Fiona added: “The carers didn’t even check back on him later to see if Charles was okay or had managed to get up.

“They just walked out and left him on his own with no back up, a vulnerable man.

“I wouldn’t even treat my worse enemy that way.

“They should have called for another team to help them lift my husband, and if that fails, they then phone the paramedics.

“The two carers could also have woke me up and asked for my assistance but they didn’t.

“They also have our daughter’s number who lives nearby.”

A spokesperson from Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership said: “We responded to an alarm call from an address in Johnstone.

“Responders followed normal operating procedures to assess the situation and we provided the support requested by the resident. 

“We are in contact with the family to discuss the incident and to resolve any outstanding concerns.”