The sun is shining and we are all feeling the heat with highs of 28 degrees according to the met office. 

But it is not just us humans who will be struggling to cope with the high temperatures this summer. Our faithful pets will be susceptible to the heatwave we are having too. 

Paisley-born weatherman, Sean Batty has a message for pet owners during this record breaking Scottish summer. 

Having left a thermometer in his car in the sunlight , the STV Meteorologist wanted to check how warm it could be inside a car. The temperature recorded was 47 degrees: a 20 degree difference from outside of the vehicle.

Renfrewshire veterinarians have been vocal about keeping your pets safe this summer.


Paisley’s, Love Street Vets have warned pet lovers not to walk dogs during the warmest part of the day and to keep them cool and hydrated. 

Also adding that if your dog is overheating then you should cool them down in a bath or shower using cold water. 

Kilbarchan Vets and VetsNow have also given tips for how to look after your pets in the extremely hot weather.