A NEW mural celebrating Johnstone’s history has been unveiled in the town centre.

Situated at the corner of High Street and George Street, it features the phrase

‘Through thread and thrum, the buzz of the town is tied to the heart of everyone.’

Thread and thrum means a combination of good and bad, with thrum being the bits of thread left on a loom after the finished item has been removed.

The design was created by Glasgow-based mural artists Cobolt Collective, aims to “transform walls into ones that exude positivity, encouragement and celebration for the people it is designed to be used by.”

A spokesperson for Cobolt Collective added: “We believe this mural acts as a homage to Johnstone’s High Street and encompasses the spirit of the town.

“We hope that it will evoke strong memories for those who frequented the main street in the past, all the while acting as a tool to prompt conversations with younger generations as times gone by, educating them around Johnstone’s rich and lively history.”

The artwork features drawings of a red telephone box, a factory and a Post Office, with imagery based on conversations with local people and the archives found in Johnstone History Museum.

It was and funded through the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Regeneration initiative, which aims to help such areas become more diverse and sustainable.