ANOTHER ‘banging’ mural has been completed at a Renfrew underpass to celebrate one of the town’s most treasured spectacles.

The latest eye-catching artwork from Steve Blackmore on the walls of the passageway between Fulbar Avenue and Craigielea Road is a stunning depiction of the much-loved fireworks display.

The painting, which came from the minds of children at Newmains Primary School, focuses in particular on how the event fascinates youngsters who enjoy the magic of colours exploding over the top of the iconic town hall.

It is the third mural Mr Blackmore, who runs his own company called Bmore Sketchy Artwork, has sprayed onto the walls of the previously graffiti-clad tunnel.

The 32-year-old completed two others inspired by kids from St James Primary and Arkleston Primary last month.

Renfrew YMCA is managing the project after receiving cash from Renfrewshire Council to brighten up the area.

The Gazette:

Councillor John Shaw, who pitched the idea to the local authority after residents raised fears about the eyesore, said the initiative had been an “amazing community effort.”

“It has been more than a wee while since I first followed up on residents’ concerns about the anti-social behaviour taking place at the underpass but boy has it been worth the wait, with three amazing pieces of art now in place,” said the Renfrew North and Braehead councillor.

“I secured funding for the mural project from the Local Partnership back at the end of 2019 but, with the pandemic getting in the way, it has taken until now to get agreement on lighting the underpass and the workshops completed with the local primary schools.

“Finally, we’ve had Steve Blackmore creating the incredible works over the past three weeks.

“As well as Bmore Sketchy, I’d like to thank all of the council officers involved in prepping the site, Renfrew YMCA for managing the project and the pupils involved in sharing their ideas.

“It has been an amazing community effort to transform what was once a real eyesore.”

Work on the final mural will now take place, inspired by youngsters from Kirklandneuk Primary, which is located closest to the underpass.

Onlookers can expect to see an artwork portraying the town’s nature come to life after pupils were asked about which local green spaces and wildlife they valued the most.