FORMER Renfrew boss Colin Clark admits he leaves the club with his head held high.

After a difficult start to the season, Clark left New Western Park last week after picking up five wins from the opening ten games in Conference B of the West of Scotland Football League.

Last Saturday’s 7-3 home defeat to Ardeer Thistle was his final game in the dugout.

He was in charge for nearly 14 years and guided The Frew to cup finals, promotions and trophies in his tenure.

Clark was left with a sour taste in his mouth over the way his time at the club was brought to an end and wishes he was given more time to turn things around.

Speaking to Gazette Sport, he said: “It’s one of those things. It was the club’s decision. I was a wee bit disappointed in the way it happened and the way they did it. 

“They phoned me at my work last Monday night and told me they wanted me to stand down which is their prerogative, I just think I deserved a wee bit more respect.

“We got a terrible result last Saturday but there were mitigating circumstances to that. I had a few players lined up to come in and help us but I didn’t get the chance to sort it which is a bit disappointing.

“It would have been 14 years in charge in December. I had a good run at it and met a lot of good people. The messages I’ve had from people in the game who I respect and ex-players has been very humbling and overwhelming.

“There’s only one thing you know about management and it’s that you’re going to get the sack one day. You go in with your integrity and leave with your integrity and that’s all you can do and I can’t have any complaints over that.

“I’m definitely proud of my performance over the years.”

Clark has revealed that his days in the dugout may now be behind him as he looks to spend time on the terraces watching one of his sons, Cameron, make his first steps in senior football.

He explained: “ You’ve got to put family first – my youngest boy wants to go and watch football and is looking for someone to go with and my other boy is playing for Annan but he is injured just now.

“That’ll be my focus, when he gets back from injury we’ll go and watch him and catch some other games with my other boy. I owe them a bit of time.

“I would never say I’m 100 per cent done but I’m about 99 per cent.”