Families are being encouraged to step up to the challenge of reducing air pollution by walking their kids to school.

The plea to ditch the car has been made by the Living Streets charity as part of Walk to School Month.

It is thought that less than half of local children currently walk to school.

Living Streets are asking families to consider the benefits of walking or wheeling to lessons during October.

A spokesman said: “Swapping our short car journeys for walking or wheeling is an easy way to reduce air pollution, fuel consumption and congestion – and the journey to school is a great place to start.

“One in four cars on the road at morning peak hours are on the school run, despite the vast majority of families living less than two miles from their nearest school.

“Choosing cleaner ways to travel will improve the air we breathe and help children meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day needed to stay fit, healthy and happy.

“Walk to School Month is an excellent opportunity for families to enjoy the benefits of walking to school.”

For more information about Walk to School Month, visit livingstreets.org.uk/IWTSM.