Renfrewshire Council should be given the power to decide where 20mph zones are imposed locally, elected members have insisted.

Ministers are coming under pressure to shift responsibility to local government after the SNP and Greens agreed to introduce 20mph limits on all “appropriate” built-up roads by 2025.

Bosses at Renfrewshire Council wrote to the Scottish Government on the matter two years ago after a motion by Liberal Democrat member Eileen McCartin was agreed.

Now, following the latest commitment from the SNP-Green alliance, councillors have agreed to send another plea to Holyrood for local authorities to be able to bring in 20mph zones “where and when they see fit.”

Councillor McCartin said: “I raised this issue a few years ago and, at that time, we wrote to the government, asking for 20mph responsibilities to come to councils.

“We got a response which effectively said ‘we’re looking at it’ but nothing has been done.

“I raise it again now because, with the independence coalition, the programme for government now contains a firm commitment to 20mph zones as the norm.

“My focus is on ensuring that the responsibility for decisions on 20mph streets rests with the councils, not the government.”

During the latest full council meeting, Councillor Cathy McEwan said a report on 20mph zones was being prepared by officers.

“I look forward to Renfrewshire Council being one of the first councils to put this in place as mandatory,” she added.

Although the Scottish Government has not committed to a national 20mph limit in residential areas, it is expected to make it the norm on built-up roads.

A task group will be formed to plan the most effective route for implementation.

Councils will then have the option to set exceptions to the rule in areas where they deem it safe.