COMMUNITY spirit has been on display at a secondary school in Erskine.

Pupils, parents and teachers at Park Mains High have been donating whatever they can to help Renfrewshire Foodbank stock up on goods ahead of the festive season.

As a result of the generosity from the local community, the school managed to fill 39 crates during their five-day charity drive, which was led by members of the S6 committee.

Victoria Hannigan, modern studies teacher and organiser of the charities committee at Park Mains High, said all of the staff and pupils were thrilled to have surpassed their initial target of filling 32 crates.

She told The Gazette: “The kids are absolutely delighted and they all worked really hard to reach this total.

“We’ve been doing a charity drive for the foodbank for at least the past six years. We attempted one last year but, with Covid, it wasn’t at the scale that we usually have it.

“As a result, we really pushed ourselves this year to get as much in as we could for Renfrewshire Foodbank.”

The Gazette:

A mixture of food essentials such as cereal, pasta and vegetables were donated during the charity drive, as well as toiletries and pet food.

Ms Hannigan added: “As we are quite a big school, we do tend to get a lot and, this year, people have been really generous.

“With everything that’s happened, I think it’s important to increase people’s awareness that a lot of families are struggling, especially among low-income families.

“More and more, the kids are becoming aware of the importance of being responsible citizens and helping those most in need.

“Hopefully we are getting the message across that, in the run up to Christmas, it’s really important to give whatever we can.”

Renfrewshire Foodbank has distribution centres in Johnstone, Paisley, Erskine and Renfrew, with the main drop-off hub located in Abercorn Street, Paisley.

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