FED-UP villagers have raised safety fears over a hole filled with smelly water in Kilbarchan.

Residents have become worried about the crater in Station Road, near the entrance to a cycle path.

The hole has been giving off an unpleasant odour and is surrounded by bright green algae, which has left many fearing it could be toxic or a threat to their health.

Councillor Andy Doig, who represents the village, is now calling on Scottish Water and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to take immediate action.

“I became aware of this hole some months ago, as a Station Road resident brought it to my attention,” he said. “There is a bright green algae-type material surrounding it, so this causes me grave concern on health grounds.

“Station Road is an access point onto the cycle path, so it is very busy with walkers, cyclists and families. There is frequent foot traffic of dog walkers and small children.

“Apparently, at the height of summer, this hole also becomes extremely smelly, so what is this effluent?

“I’m asking SEPA and Scottish Water to get this matter resolved.”

Councillor Doig initially got in touch with officers at Renfrewshire Council about the issue but was told responsibility lay with Scottish Water and SEPA and his concerns would be passed to them.

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “We have carried out extensive and lengthy investigations and every indication so far would suggest an issue with groundwater.

“We are continuing to liaise with our colleagues at SEPA and the local council and will offer further assistance if required.”

A spokesperson for SEPA added: “Road defects and their maintenance fall under the remit of the local authority, or landowner when on private property. If the hole was found to have evidence of sewage, SEPA would request that Scottish Water investigate the cause.”