A CAMPAIGNING councillor is calling for a greater police presence in Erskine after recent anti-social behaviour.

Tom Begg said “tougher action” is needed following a survey of local residents which revealed that issues of anti-social behaviour topped their list of concerns.

The Erskine and Inchinnan representative told The Gazette: “As a councillor, it is always extremely welcome to hear the views and concerns of local residents.

“I applaud the community council for carrying this survey out and thank those who responded. It is abundantly clear that residents in Erskine want to see tougher action to tackle anti-social behaviour.”

Out of almost 200 residents who replied to the community council’s multiple choice survey, more than half mentioned anti-social behaviour as an important issue.

Other concerns raised included areas being spoiled by litter, poor maintenance of pathways and future plans for the town hall and community centre, as well as the playing fields at Park Mains.

While the playing fields issue has been resolved by Renfrewshire Leisure since the survey, Councillor Begg believes a more visible police presence in Erskine should now be a top priority.

He has called for local officers to be fully resourced in the area and for a greater presence on the streets as the darker nights come in.

Councillor Begg added: “Erskine is ever expanding and we want to promote the town as a vibrant and safe place to live.

“Our local police must be fully resourced in order to clamp down on those wishing to inflict misery on local residents. That must include seeing more police on the streets to deter those intent on behaving in this manner.

“There is no doubt there are many issues that Erskine residents wish to see tackled but reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour is clearly what’s on their mind most of all.”