A STAND-UP comedian from Renfrew is shining a light on homelessness through the plot of his new novel.

Glen Maney’s first book – Any Spare Change – tells the tale of a group of homeless veterans who, by a quirk of fate, secure an arsenal of weapons.

The unlikely platoon proceed to kidnap the Prime Minster and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to make them understand the cruel realities of living on the streets.

Glen, 58, said the inspiration behind his dark-humoured tale came from a conversation he once had with a homeless veteran.

“Almost every Christmas, I give out packs which contain a waterproof poncho, warm socks, gloves and other bits and pieces to homeless people in various places,” he told The Gazette.

“One time, I was talking to a guy who was an ex-Parachute Regiment soldier and he told me he’d like to take the Prime Minister, Chancellor and other cabinet members and make them live on the street.

“That idea tickled me and, as soon as I got home that night, I started writing a screenplay.”

Grandad-of-two Glen then shared his script with a director friend, who praised the story but believed it would be difficult to get commercial funding for a film due to its anti-establishment subject matter.

“He suggested that I write a book instead, as that would raise cash for the homeless and also funds for a potential film,” said Glen.

“Depending on how much money comes in from the book, half of its profits will likely be going to the Erskine veterans’ charity and homelessness charity Crisis.

“I would love to direct a film version of the book, as I co-directed another little film – The Limelight – that was accepted into film festivals.”

Glen hopes his tale of homeless veterans deciding to fight back will also inspire other people to think about what they can do to hold the government to account.

He added: “The book is aimed at those who want to read something that is thought-provoking and a bit different, while doing a bit of good themselves at the same time.

“I hope people think more about homelessness and realise they have more power than they think. The government should be working for us and not the other way around.”

The paperback edition of Any Spare Change is priced at £10.99 and can be ordered online here.