JOHNSTONE Burgh manager Jamie McKim has called on West of Scotland Football League officials to take action after his team was “disrespected” shortly before their Conference A fixture was postponed an hour before kick-off.

The Keanie Park side arrived at Lochburn Park on Saturday only to discover a children’s game taking place on the same park that their 2pm kick-off was due to take place on in a matter of hours.

There was confusion in the Burgh ranks with that soon turning into rage when it was discovered that it was not the first game taking place on the pitch that day.

The torrential rain in the days prior and two games taking place beforehand meant the park was not in a suitable condition to be played on and the referee’s postponement was announced shortly after 1pm.

McKim revealed the Maryhill coaching staff and players were also not aware of the games taking place beforehand and admits he will be watching to see if WoSFL chiefs decide to react.

The Gazette: The pitch which was deemed not suitable for playThe pitch which was deemed not suitable for play

Speaking exclusively to Gazette Sport, he said: “I couldn’t believe it when we arrived and there was another game on. I was surprised but the longer it went on and we found out there was a game on before that, it was more anger. I felt it was quite disrespectful to be honest.

“I felt sorry for the manager and players from the other team because you could see they were frustrated as well. I met their gaffer Ross [Wilson] when I arrived and you could see he was angry as well. They wanted to play the game and for them it was a bit embarrassing.

“We couldn’t get access to the changing rooms until one o’clock as well so it wasn’t ideal preparation whether the game was on or off. It was ridiculous.

“It will be really interesting to see how the league deal with it. There’s a precedent to be set because what will they do if other clubs do it – if you want a game off, do you put a kids game on in the morning beforehand?

“I don’t know how they will deal with it but there needs to be some sort of action so we’ll be watching that with interest.

“Players give up three, four, five hours a week for training and the same again on a Saturday. 

“As a coaching team, we had them watched last Saturday as well as the preparation for the sessions and putting on the sessions ahead of the game, then to get that level of disrespect from the other club is disappointing.”