AN Erskine school has been recognised for its efforts to promote the use of digital technology.

Digital Schools Awards is a national scheme to recognise and encourage a ‘whole school’ approach to the use of digital technology.

Schools that successfully complete the programme receive a nationally-recognised award from Education Scotland.

Staff at Bargarran Primary, in Erskine, said pupils there are “very excited” to be honoured in this way.

A spokesperson added: “We started our journey towards this award during the 2020/21 school year but, really, it began long before then.

“The Digital Schools Award is given to schools that show dedication towards the use of technology to enhance learning experiences and help provide children with the confidence and digital skills they require to help them succeed in an increasingly digital society.

“The whole school is very much on board with using digital technology to learn and grow together, which was noted by the assessor.

The Gazette:

“The children were very involved in the process. The school’s ‘digital leaders’ gave a short presentation to the assessor, where they explained their leadership role in supporting the other classes by showing them new technology or assisting them with improving their digital literacy skills.

“We are very excited that the hard work of the children and staff has been recognised by this prestigious award.”

In the assessor’s report, the school was praised for its use of technology to extend learning.

It states: “The school has a strong commitment to ensuring that children’s digital experiences across the school will develop their technical skills and confidence in the safe purpose, use and creation of digital technologies.

“Bargarran Primary School is building a strong digital technology culture among staff, learners and parents.

“Its progress has been accelerating over the past 18 months as staff further embed digital skills developed during lockdown.

“Learners talked easily about how digital technology helps and motivates them to learn.

“Bargarran Primary provides a broad range of opportunities for its pupils to use digital technology to support, enhance and extend their learning.”