A LANDOWNER’S petition calling for a judicial review of Renfrewshire Council’s decision to exclude a housebuilding site from their proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) has been dismissed by the Court of Session.

Cosmopolitan Hotels’ challenge to the LDP related to a site they own in Erskine, which they wanted to see allocated for housing.

Last year, the communities, housing and planning board rejected Persimmon Homes’ application to build almost 250 homes near the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel, formerly known as the Erskine Bridge Hotel, after concerns were raised by residents about a lack of local infrastructure and low-cost housing, as well as a loss of greenspace.

Persimmon then appealed to the Scottish Government but the council’s ruling was upheld by a Scottish Government planning reporter in February.

Cosmopolitan Hotels argued the council should have challenged the reporter’s recommendation, however the Court of Session last week ruled in the council’s favour.

A spokesperson for Erskine Community Council (ECC) told The Gazette: “When Persimmons and Cosmopolitan Hotel Group submitted their application to build homes on a floodplain and on land owned by Renfrewshire Council and others, we were absolutely convinced they were joking, especially when you consider that this would also involve the destruction of valued woodland and wildlife habitats.

“Little did we realise that we would have to fight continuously to compete with the huge time and resources at the disposal of a major developer.

“We are delighted to now realise that the dedicated amateurs of Erskine and Inchinnan community councils, along with local support, have finally won and that this stretch of mature woodland and wildlife habitat has been secured for the current residents and for generations to come.

“It is important that developers use existing brownfield areas to supply much needed housing, and stop taking the easy option of decimating our greenfield assets. Sincere thanks to all concerned who assisted and made their voices heard.”

Councillor Tom Begg, who represents Erskine and Inchinnan, said: “I’m very pleased that Renfrewshire Council have been exonerated, but I don’t think Cosmopolitan Hotels are done yet in trying to build in the areas of land they own in Erskine.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said they were pleased the Court of Session had ruled in their favour.

They added: “This is good news for the people of Renfrewshire as it means we can now formally adopt the plan, allowing us to ensure the right types of development happen in the right places over the years ahead.

“The LDP will give certainty to our residents and businesses as to which parts of Renfrewshire are suitable for which type of use. It will help us promote the area as a great place to invest, and to attract new housing and jobs in a sustainable way.”

Cosmopolitan Hotels did not respond to a request for comment from The Gazette.