AN elderly disabled woman said she almost collapsed while being made to stand in a queue for her Covid-19 booster jab.

Retired dinner lady Moira McInally, 75, who walks with the aid of a stick, then had to leave the vaccination centre at Johnstone Town Hall without getting the vital inoculation, because she felt so unwell.

More than a month later, she is still waiting on another appointment.

An angry Moira, who has a lung infection, said: “After about 40 minutes I couldn’t take it any longer. The heating was on full blast in the hall and the sweat was pouring from me.

“It got too much and I had to leave and get a taxi home.

“Since then, I have tried to get another appointment but there have been none.

“There was no organisation whatsoever that day and other people walked out as well, because they were being made to wait too long. Everyone was complaining.”

Moira, who lives in Corseford, Johnstone, later spoke to an older woman who arrived at the hall at 5pm and didn’t get taken until 6:45pm.

She added: “I was a few minutes early and there was already 56-60 people waiting to be seen.

“There was nowhere to sit and people older than me were made to stand in the queue. There was no explanation or apology. We were told we would just have to wait.

“I gave up after 40 minutes because the conditions inside the hall were intolerable. I said to myself I need to get out of here before I pass out.

“Standing there with my stick, I just couldn’t take it any longer.”

Moira has no idea when she will get her Covid booster vaccination, or her flu jab, and is worried that the delays could impact on her health.

She added: “I have been told I can go to a chemist and pay for the flu jab but why should I.

“I worked until I was 72 and I am entitled to have the proper treatment without having to pay for it.”

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We are sorry that Mrs McInally had to wait longer that she would have expected when she arrived for her vaccination appointment at Johnstone Town Hall on October 12. 

“We will contact the patient directly and will provide any support that is needed to ensure she receives a new appointment.

“Unfortunately, at that time, a scheduling error led to our clinics being overbooked, particularly at peak times. 

“We have since worked closely with the national scheduling team to ensure the issue was resolved, limiting any future disruption.”