RESIDENTS in Howwood have raised fears over the safety of motorists and pedestrians due to dodgy drivers speeding through the village.

MSP Russell Findlay and Councillor Bill Binks recently held a local joint surgery, where the main issue brought up by their constituents was the significant amount of traffic flowing through the village, often at excessive speeds.

The Conservative pair are now calling for “urgent action” from Renfrewshire Council to put more safety measures in place before a tragic incident occurs as a result.

They want to see more speed cameras installed in the village, as well as more 30mph signs to be put up at speeding hotspots.

Russell Findlay, who represents Renfrewshire as part of his remit as MSP for West Scotland, told The Gazette: “Numerous residents who have attended my surgeries in Howwood have expressed serious concerns about the volume and speed of traffic in the village.

“Some believe that if nothing is done, there will be a fatality. Pedestrians deserve to feel safe while going about their business in this beautiful and peaceful village.

“Just standing for a few minutes on the main road confirms there is a problem, as some idiotic motorists seem to treat it like a race track.

“Urgent action must be taken by Renfrewshire Council before a tragic incident occurs. I plan to keep pushing this until meaningful steps are taken to improve safety.”

Councillor Bill Binks, who represents Howwood, added: “Speeding traffic has been an issue for far too long for those living in Howwood.

“Residents are rightly concerned that there is a real risk that a fatal accident will take place if greater safety measures are not put in place to clamp down on speeding.”

The politicians also wish to see Renfrewshire Council consider reducing the speed limits at points in the village to 20mph, which they believe could be applied at certain times of the day.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said the safety of our road users and pedestrians was paramount and they continually monitored their roads network to ensure it was safe.

They added: “We will be carrying out a feasibility study in Howwood, Houston and Kilbarchan to look at ways we can reduce traffic speeds and improve the flow of traffic within these three villages.

“We always welcome feedback from the community on areas where road safety could be improved and our teams consider any comments, carry out the necessary assessments and take any action required in line with our Road Safety Policy.”