Exactly when Brits can expect to see snow in November has been predicted by weather forecaster at the BBC and Met Office.

As temperatures drop snow has been forecast in the coming weeks with further snowfall predicted in December too.

Other meteorologists have been bold with their claims with some predicting up to six inches of snow, particularly in the Scottish Highlands however the Met Office and the BBC have downplayed claims slightly.

People across the UK will be reaching for hats and gloves with temperatures set to fall below zero in some parts of the UK.

BBC say ‘Icelandic air’ will spill across UK

BBC weather's forecast for November reads: "A surge of colder Icelandic air will spill across the UK over the final ten days of November and linger into the first few days of December.

"The most prominent drivers of this pattern will be high pressure in the Atlantic and a trough over Continental Europe."

Met Office share update on snow in the UK

With the probability of snow more likely across the Scottish border and in the north the Met Office has predicted “there is even a slight chance of some wintry weather" for the south of England.

A forecast adds: "The most unsettled conditions will likely be across northern areas. Here, showers or longer spells of rain are likely with snow likely across higher ground and possibly falling to low levels at times."

Further potential snow fall is predicted in December particularly between December 2 and December 16.

The Met Office said: "Temperatures will be variable with both milder and colder spells likely, with some wintry weather also possible."