WORKERS at a scaffolding company in Renfrewshire have used their skills to come up with an unusual take on a Christmas tree.

The festive creation, which is more than 20 feet tall, is the handiwork of staff, including Matt Crighton, Stuart Morrison, Andy Weldon and their boss Francis Lenihan, at Paisley-based Scafftech Scotland Ltd.

Adorned with lights and big baubles, the tree has been delighting people driving past the firm’s Clark Street base, as well as some who have been bringing their kids along to see it.

Andy said: “The boss did it last year for the NHS and there was a big flag on top but, this year, he did it for a bit of community spirit and had a big ‘Merry Christmas’ flag made.

“It took a couple of days to put together and it’s all made of scaffolding, traditional tubing fitting. It’s really smart and you can’t miss it.

“You see cars slowing down in the street to take a look.

“Everybody who has seen it has said it’s brilliant. It’ll be up right through Christmas.”