FED-UP parents in Linwood have hit out at vandals who are causing misery for children by targeting a skatepark.

Residents voiced their outrage at the litter louts after an image of scorch marks and debris next to a half-pipe ramp was shared on a local Facebook group.

Eileen McShane, whose 15-year-old son Ewan regularly uses the Brediland Road skatepark with his friends, said the vandalism has been an ongoing problem for at least six months.

She told The Gazette: “A lot of hard work and money was put into this park by Linwood Active and it’s soul destroying to see that being destroyed.

“Ewan and his friend Aiden have bought brooms with their own money to clean broken glass from the park before. They just want to be able to use it.

“These vandals break glass, put bright lipstick on the top of ramps, as well as litter, and burn other households’ bins in the park.

“My son’s had countless punctures on his BMX and had clothes ruined as he didn’t notice the lipstick until it was too late.”

The Gazette: Vandalism at the skatepark has left residents fumingVandalism at the skatepark has left residents fuming

Councillor Jim Sheridan, who represents Linwood, described the vandalism as “pointless.”

“I can well understand the frustration of local residents,” he said. “This is clearly being carried out by a small minority of youngsters who do not value the limited number of facilities currently in Linwood.

“It only makes our case for more investment in our communities more difficult.

“Parents also have a responsibility to ensure their kids are not involved in this mindless vandalism.

“I will continue to promote Linwood in the positive community spirit that exists and for those who have worked hard over the years to raise expectations.”

A spokesperson for the local community policing team said officers hadn’t received any recent reports of vandalism or fireraising at the skatepark but urged residents in the area to immediately report any anti-social behaviour they witness, so that action can be taken.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson added: “We are working closely with our colleagues in the Renfrewshire Community Safety Partnership and police officers and our wardens have increased their patrols in this area.

“We want all our parks to be safe places for young people and families and would encourage anyone with information on these incidents to speak to Police Scotland via 101.”