A SEX beast who raped two women is facing a lengthy prison sentence.

Richard McKillop, 57, carried out repeated attacks at a house in Johnstone and a flat in Clydebank.

On one occasion, he left his first victim handcuffed to a bed and then went to play poker.

The High Court in Glasgow also heard how his second victim was abused at both properties between 2016 and 2019.

She described how taxi driver McKillop had left her feeling like "a w***e."

They had met online but he later turned violent, hitting her with a belt eight times.

McKillop also met his first victim online and repeatedly preyed on her at the Clydebank flat between 2011 and 2013.

Jurors heard how their relationship had gone well until she noticed a change in him.

This would often be after he had played poker.

The woman recalled an incident when she found herself alone in the flat.

She said: "I woke up one morning handcuffed to the bed. No-one was in sight.

"When he returned, he thought it was funny."

The court heard McKillop had earlier walked out to play poker and, although the woman didn't know for definite what had earlier happened, she suspected she had been raped while she was asleep.

She based that on how she had felt when he preyed on her before.

The trial heard how McKillop had used handcuffs on the woman at other times.

In his closing speech, prosecutor Alan Mackay said: "This was not role play or consensual sex. It was rape."

He also told jurors that the evidence they had heard was a "graphic account and clear indication" that McKillop did what he wanted.

Mr Mackay added: "This is a man who does not and cannot appreciate what these women have gone through."

McKillop, of Clydebank, denied the charges against him, appearing to insist he was "some sort of victim" as the allegations apparently had an effect on his taxi licence, but was today convicted of raping both women following a trial.

He had been on bail during the trial but was remanded in custody by judge Lady Stacey.

Sentencing was deferred until next month for reports and, in the meantime, McKillop's name has been added to the Sex Offenders Register.